About us

Actually, as I am now a sole trader, it's really just 'About me' now. Having been part of the team that ran the NASN, ESPN and NFLUK on line stores in the past, I have been involved in the field of North American sports retail for over 20 years. When we began there weren't many companies who sold the ranges that we did. Now of course all the major retail companies sell what we sell. Having conceded that I can't compete at that level, I have downsized which has meant that costs have gone down a bit, so I can afford to sell at really competitive prices.

I still work with the same major suppliers and everything I sell is officially licenced and new. All orders are dispatched 1st class via Royal Mail.

My maxim has always been to treat other people the way you'd like to be treated yourself. So, I'm still here - TA Sports, unashamedly Old School.

Contact me at TA Sports - davy@ta-sports.net